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Most frequent questions and answers

Why Do I Need A Custom Car Wash?

The dangers of running your car through an automatic car wash:

As vehicle paint protection experts, we tend to focus on damaging your clear coat. But automatic car washes can also damage other parts of your car. In fact, there are some that have been known to tear off the antenna, side view mirrors, and even front or rear bumpers.

As we discussed above, some automatic car washing facilities use an industrial-strength alkaline enhanced degreasing shampoo. These formulations are great for stripping wax, paint sealants, and even bird droppings, bug guts, and tree sap. But that aggressive soap leaves a mark on unprotected paint. In fact, over time, it can start to eat away at the clear coat, leading to oxidation of the coat, corrosion, and eventually rust.

Even the auto car washing facilities with super hair driers are prone to water spotting. Most facilities use city industrial water – which isn’t filtered and contains higher calcium deposits or other minerals. As the water dries on the surface, those deposits will dry rapidly and leave dried mineral deposits that are difficult to remove.

Automotive Detailing Hyundai model during automotive detailing.

What Are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating?

Why ceramic coating is superior to wax:

Ceramic coatings keep a deep gloss to your vehicle’s paint. We offer a few select quality products that vary in price range based on longevity. These products add a layer of protection to your vehicle that protects its paint from UV rays, airborne contaminants, road salts, acid rain, and other pollutants that can plaque the daily driver.

Ceramic coating is the newest technology in automotive exterior protection. Since your typical wax lasts only 1 to 3 months at most, it needs to be reapplied at least quarterly. You’ll spend about $150 – $200 four times a year for a good wash and wax. That’s $800 per year. Over 5 years you would spend $4,000 for quarterly waxing.

Adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle makes it repel water with ease and will help fight back against mud and dirt. Our ceramic coats help with protection from UV damage, oxidization, and rust.

Since a professional ceramic coating is essentially permanent if maintained properly, it would require a single application over the average lifetime of vehicle ownership. If you never have to wax your car again, you would save money. If you invest $1500 for a premium ceramic coating for your car, you will save $2500 over 5 years compared to quarterly waxing.

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